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Emily the Strange: Dark Times
I finished this Emily the Strange novel.... Dark Times.  I think it is the third Emily novel, though I am not entirely sure. I had previously read "Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger."  

Well, once again we have Emily embarking on adventures in her new hometown: Duntzton.   Unfortunately there is the issue of schooling.  Obviously, Emily hates formal schooling (which makes sense to me!)   On the back of the book we are told that Emily would rather eat lint, wear a full body cast, and skateboard blindfolded rather than go to school.  So, her mother and her Aunt devise a sort of "homeschooling" plan for Emily.  

The main topic of this cirriculum is a History course: family history.  Of course, this involves things such as time-travel, psychic cousins, and dark elixir.  In the course of traveling to the 1790's, Emily meets and learns about her Aunt Lily, that flying fish are a weapon against smallpox, and the usefulness of bonnets.

Overall, this story was slightly more disjointed than I would have liked. I enjoyed the previous novel a bit more. I think maybe its because I didn't really love the 1790's.

Nevertheless, as all things Emily, the story was creative, there was a lot of fun words like "flamdrab!"  Overall, a solid Emily book, but not as good as the other one that I read. I do look forward to reading more Emily.

Also, Raven is truly a fun creation!

3 / 5 stars


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