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October 2006 in DC Comics
In the autumn of 2006, DC Comics was really churning out some interesting storyarcs. As you can read about here, I basically began my re-introduction back into DC Comics with the OMAC Project.  I have been reading along in the stories since then, not too avidly and not too lazily. Its one of many of my reading tasks.  Anyway, its currently summer of 2011, and the big comic events of the year are unfolding with Marvel's "Fear Itself" and DC's "Flashpoint" and "War of the Green Lanterns."    Today, I managed to read through issue #26 of  52.  This means, basically, that I am at the halfway point of that weekly series.  I am aware of the nearly constant complaint by aggravated readers who dislike DC's timeline and "constant crisis" storytelling.  Nevertheless, I boldly read through The OMAC Project and Infinite Crisis, and I fully intend to get through 52, World War III, and then Final Crisis and onward.

I'm getting a pretty good foothold in the DC universe, particularly by this time (i.e. October 2006).  There are a number of major storyarcs running through DC's main titles - and, what's awesome, most of these titles are still low in numbering - so its fairly easy to catch up.  These are the some of the issues from October 2006:

I haven't read all of these; I don't own the Superman, GL, or WW. However, the other issues are ones that I have read. I particularly really liked Blue Beetle - which surprised me. The Batman issue is one of the "famous" ones of the arc that was written by Grant Morrison and includes Batman's first meeting with Damian.   The Martian Manhunter is a limited series (8 issues total), and the JLA book is the first in the series.

These are DC's October 2006 offerings, but soon I know the reading will increase.  In February 2007, DC releases issue #1 of the Justice Society of America and in October 2007 the new volume of Booster Gold starts.

I'm rather okay with my reading in the DC timeline. I've managed to get a much better grasp of characters, even if I don't really completely understand some of the plotlines (does anyone, ever with DC?) There's been buckets of good art and storytelling - even if Marvel's "Civil War" etc. overshadows the happenings of the 2006 DC universe.  Nevertheless, I still currently have most of the titles pictured above on my pull list.  Already I've been wondering about Blue Beetle and what can be done here in 2011 about BB?


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